Gauguin Girls  $29

with vintage black glass button

Burlap Eiffel Tower 1   $29

​with large brass button

Burlap Eiffel Tower 2   $29

with coat of arms brass tone button

Fun, small cross-body purse.  Enough room to carry your important essentials!

Easy reach for your cellphone, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, credit cards and I.D.  Take it with you wherever you go... shopping, traveling, dinner, clubbing, walking, golfing, bicycling, wherever!  Approximately 9" x 7" with a 52" cross-body strap.

Sodie's Creations

Burlap Paris   $29

with Fleur-de-lis brass-tone button

Moroccan Tapestry  $39

​with glass beads on strap and vintage button closure

Palm Paradise  $29

with starfish brass-tone button

Tiger Stripe     $29

Brass button with metal mesh bead

Fleur-de-lys  $39

​with glass beads on strap and vintage glass button closure